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Welcome to Finland, to the heart of the most beautiful part of Savo, to the pure nature and clear lake areas! A variety of pleasant events and the relaxed Savonian lifestyle helps tune in to a relaxing holiday mood. With this brochure, we want to present the best parts of the region, as well as, great attractions and events in the region in 2021. Joroinen is a traditional manor region and an unsurpassable destination for golf enthusiasts. Joroinen Music Days and Finntriathlon have established their positions as unique summer events. At Leppävirta, you can experience magical moments at the Moomin Ice Cave. Vesileppis, Savo’s leisure centre, is a great asset to the municipality. Orinoro Gorge, which is located on Finland’s largest inner waterway island, is one of Savo’s seven wonders. Big Wheels, one of Finland’s largest open-air classic car round-ups is arranged in Pieksämäki . Poleeni Cultural Centre offers a variety of things to see and experience, the renovated Veturitallit and Veturitori a great venue. Varkaus is surrounded by lush nature with Lake Saimaa extending up to the city centre. The city has industrial history of more than 200 years. Specialities include the Mechanical Music Museum, the Tattoo Museum and the city’s own caviar and salmon. Vekara-Varkaus Festival Week and the Naive Artists in Varkaus exhibition highlight the summer. Savo welcomes travellers

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Taipale canal

A piece of the most beautiful Finnish Lakeland

Taipale canal Taipale's old canal that is located in Varkaus was Finland's first shut-off canal when it was completed in 1840. The 500-metre-long, deep canal that is used today, connects Haukivesi and Unnukka, and it was completed in 1967. The attractions of Taipale canal include the Canal Museum, Kukkakievari music cafe and the domestic animals in the cafe's yard area, the museum shop, and the canal trail that circulates the area with information boards and the historical stone canal. Taipale Canal Museum

The five municipalities introduced in this brochure, can be reached via highways 5 and 23, but also via Leppävirta and Heinävesi routes that are a part of Saimaa’s water area. Proximity to the waterways gives the region's landscapes and culture their own unique stamp. Konnus canal The first of the Konnus canals was completed in Leppävirta in 1841. Today the third version of Konnus canal is in use, it was completed in 1973. There is plenty to see in the Konnus region: in addition to the three different aged canals, the area has five fish-rich rapids, and relief from cultural hunger is provided with, for example, summer theatres and a variety of entertainment events.




GO ON A CRUISE! Blue Lake Cruises

Cruises from Varkaus to Järvisydän on the m/s Katri, depart from the shore of Navitas and return transport by bus to Varkaus. Evening cruises in Varkaus in July. The ferry has an alcohol license and a cafe, dining available upon prior booking. Also charter cruises. Tel. +358 44 5173 040 Finnish Lakeland’s Charter Cruises The crew can be hired for a charter cruise in Saimaa’s water area or for a journey from one city to another. The departure port can be agreed between Kuopio and Lappeenranta. The cruise can accommodate up to 12 people. Tel. +358 44 258 6591 www.jä M/S Puijo cruises Heinävesi route: Savonlinna-Heinävesi-Kuopio Leppävirta route and Soisalo tour: Savonlinna-Varkaus-Leppävirta-Kuopio Saimaan Laivamatkat, tel. +358 15 250 250



Nature attractions Linnansaari National Park Linnansaari National Park is located in Haukivesi and with its hundreds of islands it is a paradise for water excursions. The well-known Saimaa ringed seal and the grand osprey can be seen there. Linnavuori’s view- point, croft and slash-and-burn lands, marked nature trails and a camping site with amenities are located on the main island. There is a tour skating route in the area during the winter/spring season. Rugged cliffs and ancient rock paintings tell of the millennia coexistence of nature and human beings. The world’s most endangered seal, the Saimaa ringed seal, lives in the area. The national park is excellent for canoeing and rowing. There are two marked nature trails in the region: Sorsavesi's varied landscapes consist of a number of islands, small islets and rocky areas. In the centre of the lake there is a concentration of idyllic small fish- ing huts. The northern part of region has long, deep valleys and high hills. The beaches are mainly rocky and boulder-rich, and a moraine zone layered by the continental glacier runs over the southern half of the lake. An ancient rock painting has recently been found in Ukkokivi island in Sorsavesi. Kolovesi National Park Soravesi's Archipelago

The Saimaa waterways around Kotkatharju in Joroinen

There are excellent fishing and boating opportunities at Joroisselkä. The marked boat route leads from the local marina via Puomila bridge to the waterway between Varkaus and Savonlinna. Ämmäkoski and Kämäri island The scenic Kämäri Island has remained as a green space in the centre of Varkaus. The three-kilometre- long nature trail winds between Ämmäkoski and Taipale canal. The area has a rich fauna and the rapids give an extra touch to the lush landscape. Harjuranta Nature Church The nature church located on the 174-metre-high Joenmäki hill in Varkaus is open for public. Nearby there is a lean-to and Peisi's 4.3 km long nature path, with access to the Peis-Immonen caves. You can find the nature path’s mobile trip planner at -service. Harjuranta Kyläyhdistys Association.




Härkämäki Observatory Hiking and leisure destination in spectacular wilder- ness scenery. Observatory for viewing celestial objects in clear weather during the winter from September to March. The area also has a hut, lean-to shelter, nature trail and a new clubhouse suitable for meetings and events. Tel. +358 40 701 1625 A large field of jagged rocks, also called Devil’s Field, was formed after the Ice Age and is suitable for inde- pendent hiking. The area is a surprisingly large field of jagged rocks in Southern Finland’s conditions. Due to the good acoustics at the location, concerts have also been organised there. Located along the road that leads from Jäppilä to Leppävirta via Sorsakoski. Selected as one of Finland's 100 best nature destinations; the Pearls of Finnish Nature. Kotakallio trail of nature and thoughts Approximately 2 km long trail in Härmäniemi, Varkaus. There are 40 signboards along the trail, telling about the surrounding nature and some of them aim to make people stop and think. Open to everyone. The Laplander’s hut along the trail is available to groups upon booking. Kivikuru, Jäppilä

Kotkatharju Recreation Area, Joroinen The Kotkatharju area is a valuable ensemble with its natural biodiversity. In particular, the eskers created during the Ice Age have a unique geology and vege- tation. Most of the eskers are protected and belong to the Natura 2000 network. Joggers prefer the 7-km- long Kotkanpolku trail that runs on the esker and is surrounded by clear water ponds. Mountain bicyclists are offered the new Likolampi route, which starts from the local history museum’s parking area. Mula and Ruokojärvi watchtowers A 200 m trail next to the Mechanical Music Museum takes you to Mulajärvi’s watchtower. Also suitable for disabled access. The view opens out to a reedy bay. Ruokojärvi's watchtower is at a distance of approxi- mately 5 km from the centre. Part of the way is along a trail of board walks. Orinoro Gorge A family-friendly, prestigious and exciting hiking and outing site on Soisalo island in Leppävirta. The marked nature trail takes you to the verti- cal-walled gorge scored during the Ice Age, which is about 200 m in length and has a depth of almost 20 m. Snow and ice remain in the gorge until June, and a spring gushes at the bottom. Along the route is a lean- to and a Laplander’s hut. The nature path’s mobile trip planner can be found at the service.



Orinoro Gorge



Paltanen Accessible Swamp Park There is an accessible route network in Paltanen, approximately 17 km from Pieksämäki towards Jyväskylä, which allows visitors to easily and effortless- ly familiarise themselves with the wetland nature. An interesting new destination, which is also part of the Watershed Trails. Rest areas, disabled toilet and lean-to. Paltanen summer cafe and salmon fishing services in the immediate vicinity of the route network. Järvisuomentie 1723, Pieksämäki TELEKKÄ lean-to shelter and bird tower, Pieksämäki A lean-to-shelter and bird tower on the coast of Tuomiojärvi in Pieksämäki. Tuomiojärvi region is known as Southern Savo's most bird-rich area.

The Watershed Trails, Pieksämäki The Watershed Trails in Pieksämäki combine the eskers, coniferous forests and swamp wildlife of the areas of Partaharju, Nikkarila and Tahinsuo. The total length of the route is 75 km, of which 40 km are suitable for mountain biking and 35 km for hiking. There is an accessible nature trail, which is a couple of kilometres long, and a manual cable ferry in the area. The trails have been marked out throughout with blue, reflective metal pipes. The boards at the rest sites have addresses and coordinates for location purposes. Jäppilä Kivikuru and Paltanen Swamp Park are part of the Watershed Trails.


Tel. +358 50 558 8017

NATURE WALKS GreenCare well-being services

SeastarEvents Oy Event and programme services, and additional programmes for various events, evenings and recreational days. At Pieksämäki, e.g. guided na- ture, fishing and canoeing excursions, and during the winter, snow shoe excursions and ice-fishing events along the Watershed Trails. We also serve special groups. Tel. +358 500 472 431, +358 40 5488 431 Facebook/ SeastarEvents Oy Vanamola Guided nature, hunting and wilderness excursions: hare hunting, pheasant hunting and training hun- ting dogs. Boat, canoe, snowmobile, snowshoes and fishing gear rentals, church boat rowing and guided canoe tours at Joroinen’s Kerisalonsaari island, tel. +358 50 533 2787 XStreams Uniquely customised, guided 1-6-day-long canoe excursions according to skills in Pieksämäki and the surrounding environment. Also suitable for families with children. During excursions of several days, nights are spent in tents or leans, and food is prepared with local products. Equipment available to hire for independent excursions.

Nature-oriented and animal-assisted GreenCa- re-based activities, incl. special needs children, elderly and people with reduced mobility, as well as nature walks for companies to maintain occu- pational ability. Pirjo Koponen, Osuuskunta LähiSavo, tel. +358 50 563 0201, NatureMagics Oy Customised nature-themed services for groups. Guided nature excursions along the Watershed Trails. Tel. +358 40 545 4422 Pieksämäki canoe club Canoe rentals and guided tours.

Tel. +358 40 503 8324 Savon Erämaa Oy Guided excursions (nature, bird, hiking,

cross-country skiing, snowmobile, hunting, fishing, kayaking, etc.), equipment services (clothing, skis etc.), as well as food, guide and map services. Tel. +358 50 559 8145,



Port locations The Finnish Lakeland's clean and warm waters, together with its archipelagos, offer boaters great holiday experiences. Along the way, pop in to the area's excursion and natural ports.

LEPPÄVIRTA • Unnukka guest boat dock in Kalmalahti, Near Travel Centre Unnukka.

VARKAUS • A new spacious dock in the city centre at Hertunranta shore-side market square • Access dock at the beach of Pirtinvirta near Navitas • Taipale guest boat harbour and summer cafe • Spa-hotel Kuntoranta's guest boat dock • Access dock at the beach of Komminselkä • Kangaslampi guest dock at Pisamaniemi JOROINEN • Five guest boat berths at the boat dock renovated by the municipality.

Door opening of the maintenance building with mobile payment 24 h. Instructions on the door or at the cashier of local shop Unnukka. • Mansikkaharju Holiday Centre, guest boat harbour with the name Roope-satama as well as the services. Tel. +358 50 598 1481 • Boat dock along the deep canal Ferry dock available for stopping. Fuel filling point, water point and septic tank. Blue truck service is responsible for the cold station,

tel. +358 400 773 993





Kalaopas Finland Ready-made fishing trip packages Timo Räsänen, tel. +358 45 644 8333 Kalamania Oy Guided fishing trips. Tel. +358 40 773 0239 / Janne Parviainen Savon Erämaa Oy Fishing trips by arrangement.

Tel. +358 50 559 8145, Vanamola

Full-service nature and fishing trips with programme services. Boat, canoe and fishing equipment rentals. Tel. +358 50 533 2787, +358 50 533 0546

The numerous currents and rapids, and extensive waterways, make the Savo area a true fisherman’s dream destination. With a professional fishing guide, you can go straight to the best fishing locations. Fishing locations

JOROINEN The most significant water areas in Joroinen are Joroisselkä-Haapaselkä, Sysmä, Syvänsi and part of Sorsavesi. The waterways of the area are maintained by continuous fish stocking and other management measures. The fish that are released annually include, e.g. pike, whitefish, lake trout and grayling. Due to the fish stocking and a good fish stock, the certainty of a catch is high. LEPPÄVIRTA • Konnus rapids area next to the Konnus canal. An ideal place to enjoy fly fishing and casting. There are several casting piers in the area. • Koirus-Sotka fishing area • Sorsavesi pure and clear water fishing area. • Suvasvesi open water areas are perfectly suitable for trolling. • Unnukka fishing area Permits: Neste Leppävirta. tel. +358 17 554 1567

PIEKSÄMÄKI • Ahvenkoski, natural lake trout stock • Isojoki, Suurjoki-Virmasjoki, year-round fishing location • Pieksäjärvi and Vangasjärvi • Pyhäluoma Mill, rainbow trout pool • Rantojoki-Välijoki • Suontee waterway • Tahinlampi fishing area, rainbow trout • Virtasalmi fishing area, 7 slipways at the different lakes of the permit area VARKAUS • In the city centre of Pirtinvirta; pike-perch, trout, lake trout, pike and perch • Unnukka fishing area • Northern Haukivesi Permits: Minnan Vapa ja Viehe, Relanderintie 98, tel. +358 17 366 9191 ABC service station, Käpykankaantie 8, tel. +358 50 349 5269,

Metsähallitus online store, Customer service number +358 20 69 2424 at 9 am - 4 pm and Mobile permits.



Enjoy the sceneries and the joy of canoeing in complete tranquillity, accompanied by only the sounds of water and nature. Several programme service companies offer guided canoe trips, and there are ready made canoeing routes for self-sufficient canoers. Canoeing Routes

Haapajoki canoeing route network A canoeing route that passes between Pieksäjärvi and Koskelo camping site. Best in the spring and early summer, when there is a sufficient amount of water.

Naarajoki-Kyyvesi- Puulavesi canoeing route The 110-kilometre-long route starts at Pieksämäki, continuing to Haukivuori and Kangasniemi. It is recommended that route users purchase the route map. There are rest areas and accommodation along the route. Osmajoki's canoeing route Easy and family friendly canoeing route. Suihkolanjoki canoeing route A 23-km-long canoeing route be- tween Ahvenlampi and Sysmä. Tel. +358 40 503 8324

Syvänsi canoeing route A natural canoeing route from Syvänsi to Joroisselkä via Huutokoski for self-sufficient trekking. A length of about 30 kilometres. Virtasalmi Beaver Route A canoeing route of about 23 km that is suitable for families in the beautiful river and lake sceneries.

Tel. +358 40 503 8324 Iisvesi-Unnukka canoeing route

A self-sufficient route running through the area of Varkaus, Leppävirta and Suonenjoki for

Tel. +358 44 588 3261

experienced canoers.




Watershed Trails

Experience the stunning forests, ridges and lakeside nature along diverse cycling routes. The region of Savo offers various options for energy-filled adventures and enjoying the nature for both beginners and more advanced cyclists. The atmospheric rest areas are an extra bonus. Cycling

Joroinen There are various different types of routes in the municipality's area: 3.7 km forest route in the sur- roundings of Kartanogolf and Kotkatharju, Muurinkoski’s 6.4-km-long route and the 20.7-km-long route towards Rauhaniemi using small roads with little traffic. Pieksämäki Several different-levelled bicycle routes along the Watershed Trails. For example, the easy MTB Nikkarila 8.8 km, the easy-ish mountain bike route MTB Ukonkangas 4.7 km and the technically challenging MTB Tuoppu 6.1 km. Winter cycling is most successful with wide tyres on the Kukkarojärvi route.

Varkaus Bicycle to Art - Outdoor Arts of Varkaus route 42 km, you can also cycle shorter legs. Bridge route: Päiviönsaari- Puurtila-Kurola-Päiviönsaari, 18 km. Outdoor route from the city centre to Honkapirtti 7 km. Varkausmäki outdoor routes



Mechanical Music Museum

Museums Mechanical Music Museum

Jäppilä local history museum Open on summer Sundays. Jäppilän Kirkkotie 11 Tel. +358 44 787 4022 Home and School Museum of Kangaslampi The building dates back to the late 1800s - early 1900s, and it has operated as a shop, cafe, dairy, policeman’s residence and municipal office. Kangaslammintie 1, Varkaus, tel. +358 50 493 3551 Karhulahti local history museum Peasant museum, which dates back to the 1500s. The museum has been decorated in the style of a 1920s farm house, and there is also an exhibition of old maps on the walls. Open during the summer. Golftie 14 A, Joroinen, tel. +358 40 5205 102 Leppävirta local history museum The museum displays about 3,000 culture-historically valuable artifacts. Open during the summer. Kirkkokaari 2, tel. +358 44 797 5676

400 intruments exhibited in large halls that have an interior design according to their era are presented in an energetic tour accompanied by fun stories. The museum’s amazing instrument collection includes music boxes, automatic pianos and orchestras, violins and accordions, as well as hurdy-gurdys from small desktop models to the huge Amadeus. The greatest of all is the world's largest orchestrion, the 75-player Popper Goliath. Pelimanninkatu 8, Varkaus, tel. +358 50 590 9297 Haapakoski Ironworks The unique Haapakoski Ironworks is situated at the border of Pieksämäki and Suonenjoki. The nationally significant, built-up heritage environment is a model example of the era of industrialisation that began in the 19th century. The layers of time and the working history of everyday life is seen well at the protected ironworks millieu. You can familiarise in the unique atmosphere and stories of the ironworks by taking part in guided tours that are organised for groups, duration approximately one hour. Smaller groups according to agreement. Tour booking and inquiries: Jari Väänänen, tel. +358 400 282 906 Haapakoskentie 506, Pieksämäki



National Defence Museum Things to see and hear related to national defense from the 1600s to the present day. Interesting artifacts e.g. related to the War of Finland. Open by appoint- ment from September to March. Vättiläntie 1696, Huutokoski/ Joroinen, tel. +358 400 175 869 Chain saw and forest museum At the chain saw museum, you will find an exhibition of items collected and donated from the period of Nikkarila’s forest school. The oldest saw is from 1934. The Forest Museum presents the history of Nikkari- la Forest School and old artefacts, as well a student's room. The museums are open for tours according to agreement. Nikkarila, Metsäopistontie 100. Rental of premises, and excursions, tel. +358 45 660 1553 / Esko Sinkkonen. NeoNoo open-air theatre/ Ilmatar Institute The mask theatre Kokoro and its Terapeuttisen Noo Teatterin® performances have been inspired by the Japanese Noo Theatre, which is more than 600 years old. The poetry, dance, ritual, music and theatre performances that are based on the ancient cultures of different populations aim to reach the deeper di- mensions of the viewer. The theatre’s repertoire also includes performances and plays that are inspired by Kalevala and folk poetry. Enquiries: Sirkku M. Sky Hiltunen (Dr.Sky), tel. +358 40 579 2178 Sepäntie 30, Virtasalmi The Savo Railway Museum is located in an old station building that was built in 1889. The museum tells the story of the past generations’ work and life on the railways. In the outdoot area there are two restored locomotives. The museum is open during the summer season, at other times upon request. Enquiries: tel. +35840 184 5772 (only during opening hours) Tel. +35840 5710891, +35844 3883 413 Ratakatu 8, Pieksämäki At the canal area, you can familiarise with a 170-year- old stone canal and observe the boat traffic of the operating canal. The history of the canal is presented at the canal museum’s Via Canalia exhibition and the information boards of the Canal Route that circulates the area. Open every day between June-August. Free admission. Taipale Canal, Kanavakatu 1, Varkaus, tel. +358 44 444 2366 Savo Railway Museum Taipale Canal Museum and Cafe


Tattoo Museum Material and equipment related to the tattooing culture from different time periods and around the world; machines, model photos, items and treas- ures from tattooists, sailors, skull hunters, rock stars, royalties and normal citizens. The person behind the collection is Mr. William Robinson, who is often personally presenting the museum. Free admission. Savontie 117, Varkaus Facebook/ Tattoo Museo – Varkaus Tattoo Museum Valkeamäki Rural Museum Rural history from the 1930s to the present day. Open from June to August 2 pm - 6 pm. At other times by appointment. Virastotie 1, Virtasalmi Tel. +358 400 915 302 Varkaus museums and Museum Shop The Museum and Art Museum of Varkaus operate under the same roof in the hotel of an old factory that was built in 1914 and exhibits changing historical and art exhibitions. The common exhibition theme for the year 2021 is the well-being of nature and animals as well as human effects on surrounding nature. Free admission. Wredenkatu 5A, Varkaus, tel. +358 40 769 1010 Exhibitions and events: Virtasalmi local history museum Open fron June to August Mon-Sat 11 am - 3 pm. Virastotie 1, Virtasalmi, tel. +358 44 788 3557


Pieksämäki Old Church and bell tower Pieksämäki Old Church designed by August Sorsa was completed in 1753. The church is one of Eastern Finland's oldest preserved wooden churches. The ad- jacent bell tower, also designed by August Sorsa, was completed in 1746. Mikael Toppelius's paintings in the church. Kirkkotie 31, Pieksämäki, tel. +358 50 381 9642 The parish of Pieksämäki also has a New Church at Keskuskatu 27 as well as Jäppilä, Virtasalmi and Vaali- jala churches. The Virgin Mary Church of Nativity in Pieksämäki serves Orthodox Christians in the area. Vanha Mikkelintie 18, tel. +358 40 702 9744 Evangelical-Lutheran congregation's main church of Varkaus The church, which was designed by Martti Paalanen, was completed in 1939. The altar fresco “Your King- dom Come” painted by Lennart Segerstråle is one of the largest of its type in the Nordic countries. An atmospheric open-air church in Partaharju. The log-walled church has no roof, and an ancient cross stone acts as its altar. The church was designed by architect Jussi Lappi-Seppälä. Partaharju Centre, Partaharjuntie 361, tel. +358 40 554 2801 Harjuranta Nature Church The nature church located on the 174-metre-high Joenmäki hill in Harjuranta is open for public. The church is also located in the immediate vicinity of Peisi's nature trail and Peis-Immonen caves. Harjuranta Kyläyhdistys Association The church was built in 1973, designed by Kai Mikael to replace an old burnt church. The altar sculpture “The trees of Life” is the handiwork of sculptor Eeva Ryynänen. Asematie 1, Kangaslampi, tel. +358 40 737 0684 Saimaa Ortodox Congregation Varkaus Church Designed by architect Kalevi Väyrynen. Sanctified in memory of the ascension of Christ. Relanderintie 5, tel. +358 40 502 1838 Savontie 1, tel. +358 40 583 2560 Ristikivi Church Church of Kangaslampi


St. Georgios Church

Churches St. Georgios Church

The church is the pearl of northern Orthodox archi- tecture which has attracted pilgrims and tourists to it in the past few years. During the summer months, the church is open every week from Thursday to Sunday, at other times during church services and for groups upon agreement. During the summer, the church café's own freshly baked products can be enjoyed while admiring the stunning church and nature views. The café also sells the organic honey from the church’s A wooden cross church built in the 1700s, which has an altarpiece that is the work of known Savo artist Pekka Halonen. Tapuli Café operates in the bell tower during the summer, and it also has a small church museum. Operates as a road church during the summer. Leppävirta Church Located in the centre of Leppävirta village,C.L. Engel's design, the stone church was introduced in 1846. The neoclassical church has 2200 seats, and the two-part altarpiece was painted by Samuel Elmgren. Leppävirta Church is famous for its brightness and good acous- tics. Operates as a road church during the summer. Kirkkokaari 1, tel. +358 40 187 2226 www.leppä own flower garden. Kaitaistentie 345, tel. +358 44 725 7548. Joroinen church and bell tower



Konnus canal area


Other attractions Alvar Aalto’s Varkaus Architect Alvar Aalto operated as the designer of the Varkaus factories for approximately a decade from the mid-1930s. He designed urban plans for both indus- trial buildings, city plans and for the homes of regular people. A. Ahlström’s holiday home for officials, which was built in 1939, Alvar Aalto's Kinkamo was opened to public in 2019 and now operates as an event venue. You can familiarise with Alvar Aalto’s plans on a The oldest buildings date back to the 1800s. The farm is a protected construction area. The farm ensemble located in Venetmäki is open by appointment. Heinälammentie 50, Venetmäki, tel. +358 40 749 5550 Iran Farmi A domestic animal yard, specialities include rein- deer and various birds. Open from June to August on Wednesdays and Sundays. Guided tours at 1 pm and 3 pm. Remember to book in advance. Group visits by appointment, tel. +358 400 671 260. Kumpusentie 812, Haapakoski. guided tour, map brochure or mobile tour.,, Häkkilä farm and windmill

Kalakukko street train The beautifully painted Kalakukko street train offers colour to the summer in Varkaus. The rides take you on experiential tours around the city. Kalakukko’s home is at Väinölä Art Centre, and it can also be booked for private tours, tel. +358 400 487,401 Central Office The old central office for Varkaus’ factories from the 1840s. Trattoria, exhibitions, events and premises to rent. Taipaleentie 15, Varkaus, tel. +358 46 565 2194 Facebook / Keskuskonttori Koivun Lumo Farm and nature experiences for the entire family. Book your own visit and come and see our furry and feathery friends! We are open all year round. Karjalankatu 71, Varkaus, tel. +358 40 846 0450 A canal area comprising of three different-aged canals and five rapids. In the historical rapids area that is fa- voured by fishermen and hikers, there are board walks and piers for fishermen to walk around easier. There is also a lean-to shelter in the area. Konnus canal area



Pieksämäki Doll House – Joonas Aurinko’s Villa

has operated, for example, as a court, municipal hall, post office, artist’s studio, event venue, restaurant and for housing and accommodation purposes. During the war, the castle's tower was used in air surveillance du- ties. The castle has been privately owned since 2020.

Poleeni Cultural Centre The architecturally rewarded cultural centre has a 342-seat theatre, concert and movie hall which is also suitable for conferences. In addition, there are exhi- bition facilities, a library, a coffee shop, a basement theatre and several meeting rooms. Refreshments are available by arrangement from Cultural Café Poleeni, tel. +358 440 481 062. Savontie 13, Pieksämäki, Tel. +358 44 799 5240 or +358 44 388 3413 Pieksämäen Iso-Pappila Pieksämäen Iso-Pappila, a Gustavian style rectory building built in 1804, is a verdant oasis for cultural summer tourism in Pieksämäki. Art exhibitions, thea- tre performances, museum exhibition, book attic and

Enquiries tel. +358 400 470 377 Pieksämäki Doll House – Joonas Aurinko’s Villa

Downstairs there is a cafe and theatre hall, upstairs a story attic with role-play costumes and playrooms (pirate princess Persilja’s bedroom, Joonas Aurinko’s cabin, ship cat Korianteri’s own attic closet and Aunt Eulalia’s room). In the yard area, there is a traffic park as well as lots of different games, play areas and a camp fire site. Guided activity sessions and performances are organised at the villa during the summer. Open 8/6 - 21/8. Tues-Fri 10 am - 4 pm, Sat 9 am - 2 pm. Hiekanpääntie 21, tel. +358 44 799 5547 Väinölä Art Centre Located in an idyllic wooden house, built in 1912 that has a colourful history. Summer exhibition JOY - Naive Artists in Varkaus, temporary art exhibitions at other times. Puppet theatre and Wäinölä yard events during the summer. Frame shop, art supplies and a wide basic selection of art. Open Mon-Fri 10-17, in the summer also Sat 10-15. At other times by arrangement. Ahlströminkatu 8-10, tel. +358 400 487,401

summer cafe. Open 24/6-15/8 Sylvinkuja 5, 76130 Pieksämäki, tel. +358 50 336 20131 Leppävirta Bridge

In 1965, when the 210-metre-long bridge was built between Soissalo Island and the village of Leppävirta, it was Finland’s highest arch bridge. The open under- pass height at the site of Saimaa's deep channel is an astonishing 26 metres. Manttu Castle The civil guard house designed by architect Oiva Kallio was built in Kangaslampi during the years 1922- 1926. The Italian-influenced, white-plastered castle




Terrace Café Torni Viewpoint terrace at the top of the water tower designed by architect Kalevi Väyrynen. The most visible landmark of Varkaus is the 45-metre high apartment building. The terrace café offers stunning views of the environment. Open during the summer, at other times by arrangement. Nakskovinkatu 8, tel. +358 40 658 9805 or +358 40 504 0204 Old Varkaus The building stock created by industry tells the story of the industrial history and different stages of the surrounding community. The Old Varkaus area is an important entity that has been conserved in Päiviön- saari and Kommila. The buildings have been designed by e.g. Valter and Ivar Thomé as well as Karl Lindahl. You can familiarise with the area by booking a tour or by visiting the area independently with the walking tour brochure and the signposts. Virtasalmi heritage park The heritage park located on the old church hill presents local-historically significant buildings and garden areas as miniature size models. Open all year round. Free admission.






VESILEPPIS – Savo's most sporty holiday destination

Summer and winter meet at Vesileppis. At the same address, you can find a magnificent spa, ice rink, fitness centre, bowling hall, sports shop, as well as well-being services. The speciality of the area is the world's largest rock mined ski arena, which offers year-round leisure activities for cross-country ski enthusiasts. Moomins take over The encapturing fictional Moomin Ice Cave at Vesilep- pis Ski Area is open from Boxing day until the sum- mer. New magical life is given to the classical story by means of 1.5-6-metre-high Moomins, an experiential walking route, impressive lights, atmospheric audio views and narrations that follow along with the story.

In ice cave, there are activities for people of all ages, including ice slides and other winter activities. Diverse sports in lake landscapes Vesileppis and the Arena facilities are very versatile. The area has mini golf and disc golf courses, tennis courts, basketball courts and baseball fields, as well as a high quality track and field area and a grass football field. Situated within beautiful lake sceneries, there are several hiking and jogging trails located around the sports centre.

Vokkolantie 1, 79100 Leppävirta tel. +358 29 170 0170,


BOWLING Varkaus bowling hall Eight bowling alleys, ProShop, maintenance,

ADVENTURE AND MULTI-ACTIVITY PARKS Leppis Adventure Park The activity area in the immediate vicinity of Vesileppis provides safe and memorable adventure experiences for the whole family. There is a total of eleven tracks at the adventure park, ranging from demanding sports tracks to paths suitable for the youngest members of the family. The adventure park also has a Benji trampoline park. Family Park Hui-Maa In the centre of Joroinen along Joroistentie, you will find a multi-activity park where there are a variety of rides and activities for visitors of all ages. Finland’s highest climbing frame can be found in the middle of the park. Opintie 3, Joroinen. Hertunranta Shoreside Park A versatile, reformed park area equipped with fit- ness equipment in Varkaus, where the entire family can enjoy different sports, play and admire the

billiard and a cafeteria. Tel. +358 17 552 2585

Vesileppis Arena / Vesileppis Bowling Vokkolantie 1 C, tel. +358 40 098 0026.

beautiful lake views.



Kartanogolf Joroinen



Joroinen Kartanogolf The course has been praised for its versatility and excellent playing conditions from early spring to late autumn. Restaurant Kesäkartano welcomes golfers and other guests to the sunny terrace, which is open throughout the golf season. Golftie 14 B, Joroinen tel. +358 10 4222 380 The 9-hole parkland course is built beautifully in the middle of nature, in an area of about 15 hectares. Suonenjoentie 522, Pieksämäki Tel. +358 400 653 586 Leppävirta Golf Anola Golf Club

The 36-hole Kotkatharju disc golf course is located at the edge of Joroinen Kartanogolf, in the recreational area of Kotkatharju, and it is the longest in Finland. The course rating is the International Pointer Standard AAA3. The average distance between the holes is over 140 meters. In the village of Kaitainen, Kaitaistentie 422, there is a 9-hole forest course. In addition, both at Kuvansi and at the centre of the church village, you will find a 6-hole park course. Leppävirta A 13-hole disc golf course on the grounds of the sports field, 100 metres from the hotel, behind the ice rink and Arena. Vokkolantie 1 C In addition: • At Paajalanmäki AA1 an 18-hole course • Kotalahti village house 6-hole D3 course Laitilanniementie 10 • Sorsakoski DiscGolfPark, challenging 10-hole forest course. Koskentie 859

A 9-hole, upland-type course. Konnuksentie 400, Leppävirta tel. +358 44 088 4400




Hiekanpää beach

BEACH VOLLEY Leppävirta Vesileppis, Vokkolantie 1 Equipment hire and reservations from Vesileppis reception tel. +358 29 170 0170 Pieksämäki Hiekanpää beach, Hiekanpää leisure area,

Pieksämäki At Naarajärvi, the easy-ish 6-hole Pieksämäki DiscGolfPark park course is aimed for beginners. Vilhulantie 11, Naarajärvi The 21-hole Partaharju Disc Golf course has been built in a beautiful ridge area of Partaharju. Partaharjuntie 361, Partaharju The 10-hole Frisbee golf course in the grounds of Ski Resort Uhomäki runs inside the skiing grounds (sawdust trails) in the forest. The lanes do not cross with anyone on the trails. Some of the lanes have been created near the old downhill skiing slope. Hills, lots of height differences. TeeSign guides.

Opintie 4 Varkaus • Hertunranta local leisure area, Huruslahdenranta • Harjunranta, Harjurannantie 588

Pohosjoentie 44 Virtasalmi 9-hole Frisbee golf course. Metuksentie 1, Virtasalmi Varkaus

The VattuVuori DiscGolfPark is a 18-hole forest course that is combined with the terrain of a skiing slope, including a 229 m downhill drive. Opiskelijankatu 7. The starting point for the other 12-hole disc golf park with its maps is in the centre of Lemmensillanpuisto Park in Joutenlahti. Both are free of charge.



RIDING Hyväntuulen tila Wilderness riding, Salmelantie 44, 79660 Kerisalo / Joroinen, tel. +358 45 787 74190 Kehvonpelto farm Equestrian hobby sessions implemented according to the

Mäenpään Kartanon Ratsastajat Ry Coaching and competition activities, riding and hiking camps. Pohosjoentie 10, Pieksämäki Palokki stables Full-service sites, riding lessons, horses to hire and coaching assistance. Hietamäentie 130, Naarajärvi, tel. +358 40 188 7983 Facebook/ palokin.talli Teittilä Stables SRL-approved riding school. Disability riding, riding therapy and lessons as well as terrain riding. Vilhulantie 360, Naarajärvi

Tmi Hevostoiminta Balanssi

A member stable of the Finnish Riding Association, which offers guided horseback riding and social pedagogic horse activities for children and adults. Mähönseläntie 82, Pieksämäki, tel. +358 40 7087666 Vantunmäki Riding School Small and pleasant riding school. Individual horse riding lessons and competition training during small group lessons. Vantunmäentie 90, Varkaus, tel. +358 50 0376 208 Facebook/Vantunmäen Ratsutila Varkaus Riding Centre SRL-approved riding school. Riding lessons, as well as courses, camps and competitions. Jäppiläntie 743, Varkaus, tel. +358 44 731 3154

customer's wishes. Kehvonpellontie 73, Tuppurinmäki, tel. +358 44 328 2522 Kimmon Talli

Riding and full service for horses. Kuvansintie 25, 78880 Kuvansi, tel. +358 45 787 74190 Leko Stables Guided riding and maintenance lessons for children. Kopolanniementie 79, Varkaus,

Tel. +358 40 733 3205

tel. +358 40 576 2370 Facebook/ Leko-Talli




SUP PADDLING Leppävirta Action Leppävirta Virranviemät ry Tel. +358 44 989 7232 Pieksämäki The Watershed Trails Varkaus Samin Liikunta- ja elämyspalvelut Varkaus Guest Boat Dock Cafe, tel. +358 40 255 4458 DANCE HALLS Niskaharju hall Koskentie 861, Leppävirta Pieksämäen Veturitori Kari Tapio Paalupaikka Areena Tallikankaankatu 3 Salmen Lava Maavedentie 118, Pieksämäki Entertainment Centre Tulenliekki

SWIMMING Leppävirta

Varkaus There are 13 public beaches in the Varkaus region. Swimmers in the city centre can enjoy Hertunranta beach and its outdoor leisure areas at the shore of Huruslahti. Ilopisara Swimming Hall A 25-metre swimming pool, ja- cuzzis and cold water pools, sauna department, gym, gymnastics hall and a cafeteria. Ahlströminkatu 11, Varkaus, tel. +358 44 444 2270 Joroinen There are 7 public beaches in the towns and villages. Beaches main- tained by the municipality of

Public beach and diving tower at Kalliontie 10. Vesileppis has a 32-meter water slide for children, a children's pool and an exciting climbing track. A 25-metre-long fitness pool with six tracks for fit- ness enthusiasts, a cold water pool, as well as a massage and hot tub. Pieksämäki You can go swimming at, e.g. Hiekanpää shore, right in the city centre. kat/uimarannat/ Pieksämäki swimming hall A 25 m fitness swimming pool, 10 m children's pool, 15 m hot wa- ter pool, a massage and cold water pool, a gym, 2 sports halls, a meeting room/sauna, service point and cafeteria. Opintie 3, tel. +358 44 799 5406

Joroinen: Kolppa beach (Tuohilahdentie 132), Boat harbour’s beach (Lentokentäntie 107) and Paavalikivi beach (Paavalintie 12, Kuvansi).

Jylhäntie 30, Leppävirta



SKIING There are good opportunities for cross-country skiing in the area, in addition to illuminated tracks. Ski trail maps can be found on the mu- nicipal websites. In Joroinen and in Pieksämäki there is a first snow trail and in Leppävirta an all-year- round skiing arena. DOWNHILL SKIING Varkaus Ski Center A ski resort located on Vattuvuori hill in close proximity to the city centre. 5 ski slopes, 2 sledding slopes, a snow park, an off-road forest trail, an adventure route, a café, an outdoor grill, a ski hire, a ski school and a cross-country ski

ICE-FLOATING Saimaa on the Rocks Fun extreme experience in Finnish Lakeland style. Safe, guided ice floating in a life jacket suit at Pirtinvirta, the centre of Varkaus. LakeLand GTE,

ICE SKATING In the middle of the beautiful lake sceneries, weather permitting, approximately 20 kilometres of maintained tour skating routes from Oravat to Linnansaari, and from there to Järvisydän. The tour skating diary has information about the condition of the ice and the route.

tel. +358 400 966,800

centre. Pujottelutie 53, tel. +358 400 488,480




Saimaa on the Rocks

Programme services Action Leppävirta A company in Leppävirta that specialises in paintball, sup boarding and equipment hire, tel. +358 45 608 3554 LakeLand GTE - programme services

Forest Escape Game Hyväntuulen tila Fun group activities with an idyllic countryside landscape. Salmelantie 44, 79660 Kerisalo / Joroinen, tel. +358 45 7877 4190 Motopark Raceway Motor sports. Track service. Tel. +358 44 278 0088. Accommodation bookings Motoparkintie 62, Virtasalmi ATV and snowmobile safaris K-Extra Pentti Kaulamo, tel. +358 20 770 5511

Samin liikunta- ja elämyspalvelut

Exercise programmes at the experience arena for people of all ages. Paintball track, canoeing, archery, nature orientation, sumo wrestling, kayak hire, snowshoeing and pedal cars. Sauna and beach hut available for enjoying the evenings. tel. +358 400 274 883 Leppis Adventure Park Archery Tag and Bubble Football upon order. Vokkolantie 1c, tel. +358 44 297 8146 Varkauden Oppaat City tours and theme-based guided tours. Konjunktuuri Oy, tel. +358 207 290 760 Varkaus Speedway Stadion Finland's only Speedway course with the International Motorcycle Federation's FIM rating. Tykkitie 157, Varkaus

Experiential ice floating in the winter at Pirtinvirta in Varkaus, tel. +358 400 966,800 Leppähepo -Hepomäki sheep farm Horseriding, farm work, cottage maintenance activities, classic massage. Leppämäentie 1007a, Puponmäki, tel. +358 50 5641 414 Forest Escape Game Niemilomat An addictive leisure time activity in the beautiful environment of Niemilomat. The story created by Enigma Xperience ensures adrenaline, excitement and moments of success. The aim is to find out what happened at Niemilomat 100 years ago. Niemeläntie 166, Varkaus, tel. +358 40 715 9568

Partaharjukeskus Oy Guided snowshoe tours for groups on request. Accessible nature trail. Tel. +358 44 725 4124


Event venues Cinema Maxim

Heikki Turunen Bestseller – nowwith music!

The fully renovated, cosy cinema’s three theatre rooms feature movie premières as well as e.g. matinee films, and opera, ballet, theatre, art and concerts as record- ings. Kauppakatu 27, Varkaus. Poleeni Cultural Centre Stylish cultural centre with high standard theatre visits, concerts and exhibitions. Poleeni's own theatre organises performances all year round. Savontie 13, Pieksämäki Pieksämäki Veturitori A stunning venue in the centre of Pieksämäki, in the immediate vicinity of the railway station and market square. Covered event market square 1,850 m 2 . The event market is surrounded by a glass walled loft to which an event can be expanded. Performance stage, furniture and technical services are available upon request. Premises and other reservations Poleeni Cultural Centre, tel. +358 44 388 3413 or +358 44 799 5547

Premiere 30.1.2021 Director Janne Kinnunen

Herrasmieshuijarit Adalmiinan helmi Erämaan kutsu

Hit musical Classic story Monologue

Coming this autumn 2021: In honour of Vexi Salmi VILLIT VUODET- musical performance

Ticket office, tel. +358 44 364 8830 Ticketmaster | Tickets from 21-37 €

Tallikankaankatu 3, Pieksämäki Varkaus Theatre

More than 100-year-old professional theatre at the heart of Savo and Saimaa! Annually 4-5 premières. In addition to this, the programmes are enriched by Club evenings and star guests. Find out more about the programme and the high-quality theatre packages online. Positively surprised by joy!

Warkaus Hall In connection with Hotel Oscar, there is a versatile event centre, which operates as a stage for concerts, plays, parties, and meetings. A 500-seat auditorium, large dining hall restaurant and two adaptable cabinet spaces. In addition, conference rooms and high- quality accommodation and restaurant services on the hotel side. Kauppatori 6, Varkaus. Unforgettable experiences in the form of concerts, a wide selection of sports, tournaments, exhibitions and congress meetings. Under the same roof; hotel, restaurants, spa, wellness and health services, as well as an ice rink, ski arena and bowling hall. The area is supplemented by a high quality sports area, disc golf and miniature golf. Vesileppis Arena

Laivalinnankatu 29, Varkaus.



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