Holiday in Savo 2023

Holiday in Savo 2023. Joroinen, Leppävirta, Pieksämäki, Varkaus




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JOROINEN • LEPPÄVIRTA • PIEKSÄMÄKI • VARKAUS Holiday in Savo Welcome to Savo, a region of natural beauty and sparkling lakes! Enjoyable events and the laid-back Savonian lifestyle will ease you right into a relaxed holiday mood. With this brochure, we want to introduce you to regional highlights, interesting sights, and events in 2023. Joroinen is a traditional manor region and an unparalleled destination for golf enthusiasts. The Joroinen Music Days and Finntriathlon have gained positions as unique summer events. In Leppävirta, you can experience the magical wonderland of the Moomin Ice Cave. A landmark of sorts, Vesileppis offers Savonia’s most versatile recreational facilities for active sports lovers. Visit also one of the seven wonders in Savo: the Orinoro Gorge located on Finland’s largest inland island. Big Wheels, one of Finland’s largest open-air classic car round-ups takes place in Pieksämäki . Cultural Centre Poleeni offers a variety of things to see and experience, and the renovated Veturitallit and Veturitori a great venue. Varkaus, on the shores of Lake Saimaa, is brimming with over 200 years of industrial tales and history. Visit the one-of-a-kind Museum of Mechanical Music, urban nature sights of the Ämmäkoski rapids and Kämäri Island, and wooden buildings and tour sites of Old Varkaus. The city’s summer highlights include the Vekara-Varkaus children’s festival week, Varkaus SummerClassical concert series, and Iloa Varkaudessa naïve art exhibition. Savo welcomes travellers

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Visit Saimaa


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Photo: Visit Saimaa



Taipale canal

See the Beauty of Finnish Lakeland

Highways 5 and 23, together with the Saimaa water routes, connect us with the rest of Finland. The strong presence of water gives the regions landscapes and culture their own unique stamp. Konnus canal In 1841, the first of Leppävirta’s Konnus canals was completed. The current canal is the third of its line, and it was opened in 1973. The Konnus area hosts a number of attractions: in addition to the five rapids and their abundance of fish you’ll also find many cultural offerings, such as the summer theater and other various entertainment events. There’s also a restaurant, where all visitors (hikers and boaters alike) are warmly welcomed. The canal has a dock for visiting boaters, too.




GO ON A CRUISE! Blue Lake Cruises Boat cruises from Varkaus to Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän on MS Katrilli: boarding on the Navitas dock; bus transportation back to Varkaus. In July, you can also take an evening cruise around Varkaus. The boat has a cafeteria (and an alcohol license). Food services can be reserved in advance. We also organize private cruises.

Taipale canal The old Taipale Canal in Varkaus was Finland’s first canal with locks when it was completed in 1840. The current canal, from 1967, is a 500- meter-long deep-water route that connects Unnukka and Haukivesi. Sights around the Taipale Canal include the Taipale Canal Museum, Music Café Kukkakeidas and its domestic animal yard, museum shop, a trail around the area with information boards, and the historical stone canal. Taipale Canal Museum:

Tel. +358 44 5173 040 M/S Sara Charter Cruises Linnansaari National Park or Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän. Tel. +358 40 068 3585 FB/laivalinnacruises



Orinoro Gorge


Nature attractions Linnansaari National Park This national park on Lake Haukivesi is a water and nature lover’s paradise with hundreds of islands. It’s home to the famous Saimaa ringed seal and the osprey, a magnificent bird of prey. On the main island, you’ll find the Linnavuori lookout, croft and slash and-burn cultivated land, and a camping area with services. In late winter, try the tour skating route in the area. The rugged cliffs of Lake Kolovesi and the ancient rock paintings tell a millennia-old tale of people and nature living in harmony. This is the home of the most endangered seal in the world, the Saimaa ringed seal. The national park is perfect for canoeing and rowing. Two marked nature trails in the area. Sorsavesi's Archipelago The landscapes of Lake Sorsavesi consist of several islands, islets, and stony areas. At the heart of the lake stands an idyllic cluster of small fishing huts. North ern parts are adorned by deep fissure valleys and tall hills. Shores are mostly rocky and stony, and a till zone formed by a continental glacier crosses the area in the south. Recently, an ancient rock painting was found on Ukkokivi Island. Ämmäkoski Rapids & Kämäri Island The whitewater of Ämmäkoski rapids and Kämäri’s nature trails offer an excellent setting for relaxation and recreation. Here, a stone’s throw from downtown Varkaus, nature and the city’s industrial heritage are bound together. Footbridges lead visitors from Päiviönsaari and its museums, lodgings, and restaurants all the way to the Taipale Canal area—through fairytale-like sceneries by the rapids. Finland’s largest natural bypass was constructed to Ämmäkoski in 2022, so that endangered fish can migrate to their spawning grounds. Harjuranta Nature Church Located on the 174-meter-high Joenmäenvuori hill, this nature church in Varkaus is open to the public. Close by, there’s a lean-to and the Peisin polku nature trail (4.3 km), which also leads you to the Peis Immonen caves. Mobile route info is available Kolovesi National Park


Härkämäki Observatory A camping and recreational site in picturesque wilder ness. The observatory allows visitors to gaze deep into clear skies (weather permitting) in the winter season, Sep.–Mar. The area also offers a campfire hut, lean-to, nature trail, and a new clubhouse for meetings and events. Tel. +358 40 701 1625 A large field of jagged rocks, also called Devil’s Field, was formed after the Ice Age and is suitable for inde pendent hiking. The area is a surprisingly large field of jagged rocks for Southern Finland’s conditions. Due to its acoustics, concerts have also been organised there. The site is located by the road from Jäppilä to Leppä virta via Sorsakoski. One of the 100 natural wonders in Finland (chosen by the FANC). Kotakallio Trail of Nature and Thought Two kilometers of nature trail in Härmäniemi, Varkaus. Along the route, you’ll find 40 boards with information about the surrounding nature as well as food for thought. Open to the public. The trail’s camp fire hut is open to groups with a reservation. Kotkatharju Recreation Area, Joroinen Kotkatharju is a valuable wilderness area marked by its natural diversity. Especially the eskers formed during the Ice Age are unique in their geology and vegetation. Most of the eskers are protected and part of the Natura 2000 network. Joggers love the 7-km long Kotkanpolku (eagle path) trails on top of the ridge, which is surrounded by clear-watered lakelets. Mountain bikers can try the new Likolampi route starting from the local museum’s (kotiseutumuseo) parking area. Saimaa Lake System & Kotkatharju: Lake Joroisselkä is a great place to fish and enjoy boating. A marked route starts at the municipal dock and passes the Puomila bridge before leading to the Varkaus–Savonlinna waterway. Mula and Ruokojärvi Bird Towers The Lake Mula bird watching tower is accessible via a path (200 m) starting by the Museum of Mechanical Music. Suitable also for persons with reduced mobility. The view overlooks a reed-laden bay. The Lake Ruoko järvi bird watching tower is located around 5 km from the city center. Parts of the path are duckboarded. Jäppilä Kivikuru

on the service.




Orinoro Gorge A family-friendly, renowned, and exciting hiking and camping destination on the Soisalo Island in Leppävirta. A marked nature trail leads you to a steep-walled gorge formed during the Ice Age. It’s approximately 200 meters long and 20 m deep. Ice and snow linger in the gorge until June, and there’s a bubbling spring at the bottom. Along the route you’ll find a lean-to and a campfire hut. Mobile route info is available on the service. Paltanen Accessible Swamp Park In Paltanen, around 17 km from Pieksämäki towards Jyväskylä, there’s an accessible trail system, which introduces visitors to swamp nature. This fascinating site is part of the VedenjakajaReitistö. Resting areas, accessible toilet, and a lean-to. The Paltanen summer café and fishing services are located right by the trails. Järvisuomentie 1723, Pieksämäki.

TELEKKÄ lean-to shelter and bird tower, Pieksämäki A lean-to and a bird watching tower on the shores of Pieksämäki’s Lake Tuomiojärvi, which is known for the richest bird population in Southern Savo.

Tel. +358 50 558 8017 www.tuomiojarvi.f i VedenjakajaReitistö

Pieksämäki’s VedenjakajaReitistö connect the eskers, coniferous forests, and mire wilderness of Partaharju, Nikkarila, and Tahinsuo, respectively. The entire trail system is 79 km long, with 40 km of routes for moun tain biking and 39 km of trails for hikers. There are also a few kilometers of accessible nature trails and a manually operated cable ferry. The entire trail system is marked with blue, reflective metal pipes. Resting areas are equipped with boards that list the site’s address and coordinates. Attractions: Jäppilä Kivikuru, Paltanen Swamp Park as well as the River Haapajoki and Virtasalmen Majavareitti kayaking/ canoeing routes.




Unnukka guest dock

Harbor & Marina Services Finnish Lakelands’ clean, summery warm waters and the green archipelago set the scene for holidays full of memorable boating. Stop and relax in guest harbors and natural harbors along the way.

LEPPÄVIRTA • Unnukka guest dock in Kalmalahti, by Tourist Center Unnukka. The service building can be opened with a mobile payment 24/7. • Mansikkaharju Holiday Camp is a guest harbor certified as an eco-friendly Roope harbor, at the Kalmalahti bay. Tel. +358 50 598 1481 • Regular boat dock along the deep water route; a dock for large boats available for brief stops. Services: fuel, water, and septic tank emptying. The automated service station is maintained by Blue Truck Service,tel. +358 400 773 993 • Konnus Canal Guest Dock, tel. +358 44 4916 819

VARKAUS • A new, spacious dock downtown, by the Hertunranta market • Dock for errand runs at the Pirtinvirta shore by Navitas • Taipale guest harbor and summer café • Dock for short stops on the Komminselkä shore • Kangaslampi guest harbor in Pisamaniemi bay JOROINEN • Renovated municipal dock with spots for 5 guest boats.



Photo: Visit Saimaa

Savo’s numerous streams and rapids as well as vast water systems make the region an ideal destination for fishers. Skilled fishing guides can take you straight to the best spots. Fishing spots

JOROINEN The greatest water areas in Joroinen are lakes Joroisselkä- Haapaselkä, Sysmä, Syvänsi, and a part of Sorsavesi. Water systems in the area are maintained actively, through fish stocking and other methods. Annually released species include pike, whitefish, brown trout, and grayling. The likelihood of catching fish is high, thanks to efficient maintenance and strong popula tions. LEPPÄVIRTA • The Konnuskoski rapids area is located by the Konnus Canal. It’s an ideal location for fly fishing and spinning. There are numerous docks for spinning in the area. • Koirus-Sotka fishing area • Sorsavesi fishing area: clean and clear waters. • Lake Suvasvesi’s vast water areas are perfect for trolling. • Unnukka fishing area Permits: Gas station Neste Oil Leppävirta, Tel. +358 17 554 1567 Metsähallitus’ web shop service number +358 20 69 2424, 9:00–16:00, and Eräluvat app.

PIEKSÄMÄKI • Ahvenkoski rapids, native brown trout • Rivers Isojoki & Suurjoki-Virmasjoki, year-round fishing • Lakes Pieksäjärvi & Vangasjärvi • Pyhäluoman Mylly, rainbow trout pond • Rivers Rantojoki-Välijoki • Lake Suontee • Tahinlampi fishing area, rainbow trout • Virtasalmi fishing area, the permit area’s lakes have 7 boat ramps VARKAUS • Pirtinvirta downtown: zander, trout, salmon, pike, and perch • Unnukka fishing area • Northern Haukivesi Permits: Minnan Vapa ja Viehe, Relanderinkatu 71, tel. +358 17 366 9191 Gas station ABC Varkaus, Käpykankaantie 8, tel. +358 50 349 5269,




Enjoy the views and the peace of canoeing, accompanied only by the sounds of the nature. Several activity organizers offer guided kayaking and canoeing tours, and self-guided paddlers can always hop on established routes. Kayaking and Canoeing Routes

paddling enthusiasts. The pristine wilderness and island conservation areas alone are worth seeing. River Suihkolanjoki Route Starting from Jäppilä: Ahvenlampi- Hiidenlampi-Syvänsi-Syrjälampi- Koplakkolampi-Syvänsinjoki- Kaislanen-Suihkolanjoki-Sysmä. The route is around 23 km long. Tel. +358 40 503 8324 Virtasalmi Majavareitti Beaver Route A family-friendly canoeing route in Virtasalmi. Along the route you’ll see, e.g., a large beaver dam, where you may even spot the eager beavers at work. Route length: Haukivuori–Virtasalmi 33 km.

River Haapajoki Routes Pieksänjärvi–Haapajoki–Haapajär vi–Savijoki–Kutujoki–Koskelo: River Haapajoki starts at the northeastern corner of Lake Pieksänjärvi. The river runs north and flows into Lake Haapajärvi after 15 km. This river section offers 3–4 hours of paddling. The route is at its best in spring and early summer, when waters run high. Tel. +358 40 503 8324 Iisvesi-Unnukka canoeing route This route runs through the Varkaus, Leppävirta, and Suonen joki regions, and is best suited for experienced paddlers who are self-sufficient.

Naarajoki-Kyyvesi- Puulavesi Canoeing Route This beautiful, 110-km-long route takes you across rivers and lakes, and suits beginners and families very well. The route starts at Lake Naarajärvi in Pieksämäki and makes its way to Haukivuori and Kangasniemi. We recommend you to get a route map. There are break areas along the route. River Osmajoki Route An easy, family-friendly kayaking or canoeing route. Located 15 km west of the town of Leppävirta. Attractions: Ukkokivi rock painting, Karhukivet boul ders, Kuvajanniemi cave etc. Lake Sorsavesi is a wonderful destination for self-sufficient campers and Lake Sorsavesi

Tel. +358 44 588 3261




Experience breathtaking forests, eskers, and lake areas while pedaling along varied biking routes. The Savo region offers both fast-paced adventures and leisurely rides in nature, for beginners and experienced mountain bikers alike. Atmospheric break areas are the cherry on top of your trip. Biking

Joroinen Several trails in the area: a 3.7 km ride by Kartanogolf and the Kotkatharju outdoor recreation area; a 6.4 km route around Muurinkoski rapids; and a 20.7 km route towards Rauhaniemi. Pieksämäki Several routes for different skill levels along the Vedenjakaja Reitistö. For example, the easy 8.8 km ride at MTB Nikkarila; easy-to-moderate MTB Ukonkan gas, 4.7 km; and technically chal lenging MTB Tuoppu, 6.1 km. For winter biking, we recommend wide tires or a fat bike.

Varkaus The “Pyöräile Taiteeseen” route to outdoor art in Varkaus is 28 km long, but you can take on shorter sections. The 15-km-long Heinämäki route follows the shores from the city center to Vattuvuori and continues to Honkapirtti lodge and then Heinämäki. The route is lit

until Honkapirtti, and it suits mountain bikers. You can borrow bikes from the Varkaus/Taipale Guest Harbor.





Ahven Antin kalasafarit Fishing Tours A local guide takes you to the best fishing spots on lakes Unnukka and Haukivesi. Tours include everything needed for fishing. Tel. +358 45 124 1102 Freefinns Oy Guided nature tours and events all year round at several destinations in Eastern Finland. Your opti ons include, e.g., kayaking/canoeing, hiking, snows hoeing, gliding snowshoes, wool sock running, and various activity packages, such as treasure hunting, horse riding, and archery. We offer a variety of activities for company outings and team-spirit-buil ding events for groups. On our tours, you get to enjoy a tasty meal by a campfire. We also organize petting zoo activities, clubs, and camps for kids. Tel. +358 10 517 7760 GreenCare hyvinvointipalvelut (Wellness Services) GreenCare-based, nature-centered, and animal- assisted activities, e.g., for children with special needs, elderly people, and people with reduced mobility. Nature tours to support wellbeing at work. Pirjo Koponen, Osuuskunta LähiSavo, tel. +358 50 563 0201, Kalaopas Finland Fishing and wilderness tours. Tel. +358 45 644 8333 Kalamania Fishing trips with a skilled guide. Tel. +358 40 773 0239 / Janne Parviainen Customizable nature-focused services for groups. Guided nature tours along the VedenjakajaReitistö. Tel. +358 40 545 4422 Pieksämäen kanoottiseura (Canoe Club) Canoe rentals and guided tours. Tel. +358 40 503 8324 Pöllölän Luontofarmi The Pöllölä wilderness farm teaches you about wild herbs, mushrooms, and forest tours. Tel. +358 40 825 9944 FB/pollolafarmi NatureMagics

Freefinns Oy

Savon Erämaa Pre-booked excursions (nature, bird watching, hikes, snowmobile safaris, hunting, fishing, kayaking etc.), equipment services (clothing, skis etc.) as well as food, guide, and map services. Tel. +358 50 559 8145, SeastarEvents Guided kayaking/canoeing, fishing, and wilderness tours. Hikes to interesting nature sites. Canoe rentals. Snowshoeing and Metsämieli forest meditations can be booked in advance. Guided nature, hunting, and hiking tours: hare and pheasant hunts as well as bird dog training. Boat, canoe, snowmobile, snowshoe, and fishing gear rentals, church boat rowing, and guided canoeing tours at Joroinen’s Kerisalonsaari Island. Tel. +358 50 533 2787 XStreams Guided canoeing tours (1–6 days) tailored to your skill level, in and around Pieksämäki. Families with children are welcome. On overnight tours, we sleep in tents or leans and cook our meals from local ingredients. Self-service equipment rentals for self-sufficient adventurers. We also welcome special needs groups. Tel. +358 500 472 431, +358 40 5488 431 Vanamola



Mechanical Music Museum

Museums Mechanical Music Museum

Jäppilä Museum Local museum, open on summer Sundays. Jäppilän kirkkotie 11, tel. +358 44 787 4022

This lively tour, accompanied by amusing stories, in troduces you to around 400 intriguing instruments in halls organized by era and decorated accordingly. The museum’s awe-inspiring collection includes music boxes, player pianos and self-playing orchestras, violins, accordions, and barrel organs ranging from tiny table units to the grand Amadeus. The tour’s pièce de résistance is the world’s largest orchestrion, the 75-player Popper Goliath. Haapakoski Ironworks The unique Haapakoski Ironworks is located on the border of Pieksämäki and Suonenjoki. The national ly significant, built heritage environment is a model example of the era of industrialisation, which began in the 19th century. The layers of time and the working history of everyday life are very visible at the pro tected ironworks milieu. You can experience more in the unique atmosphere and stories of the ironworks by taking part in guided tours that are organised for groups, duration approximately one hour. Smaller groups by agreement. Tour booking and inquiries: Jari Väänänen, Tel. +358 400 282 906 Haapakoskentie 506, Pieksämäki

Home & School Museum of Kangaslampi The museum building is from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, and it’s been home to a store, café, dairy, official police residence, and municipal office. Open on weekends, 10:00–15:00. Kangaslammintie 1, Varkaus, Tel. +358 45 104 9664 Karhulahti Rural Museum A peasant museum with history all the way to the 1500s. The museum is decorated like a 1920s country home, and there’s also a collection of old maps on dis play. Open during summer. Golftie 14 A, Joroinen, tel. +358 40 5205 102 Leppävirta Local Museum The museum displays a collection of around 3,000 artifacts of cultural significance. Open during summer. Kirkkokaari 2, tel. +358 44 797 5676



Joroinen National Defence Museum A visual and auditory journey of Finland’s national defense from the 1600s to the present. Many fascinating items, e.g., from the Finnish War. Open only by ap pointment, September–March. Vättiläntie 1696, Huutokoski/Joroinen, tel. +358 400 175 869 Chainsaw and Forestry Museum The Chainsaw Museum presents a donated collection of items from the Nikkarila Forestry School. The old est saw is from 1934. The Forestry Museum presents the history of the Nikkarila Forestry School, artifacts, and an old forestry student’s room. Both museums are open for tours with a reservation. Nikkarila, Metsäopistontie 100. Space renting and tours, The mask theatre Kokoro Theater Company and their Terapeuttinen Noo Teatteri® performances are inspired by Japanese Noh theater, a tradition dating back over 600 years. Loosely based on various peoples’ ancient cultures, these poetry, dance, ritual, music, and theater performances seek to touch the audience’s inner dimensions. The theater also puts on plays and shows inspired by folk poetry and Finland’s national epic Kalevala. (Dr.Sky) Sepäntie 30, Virtasalmi Inquiries:Tel. +358 40 579 2178 / Sirkku M. Sky Hiltunen The Savo Railway Museum is located in an old station building that was built in 1889. The museum tells the story of the past generations’ work and life on the railways. In the outdoor area there are two restored locomotives. The museum is open during the summer season and other times by arrangement. Ratakatu 8, Pieksämäki, tel. +358 40 184 577 (during opening hours) In the Taipale canal area, you get to learn about the old stone canal from 180+ years ago and observe boat traffic from the shores of the current canal. Visit the Via Canalia exhibition to delve into the canal’s history. Open daily June–August. Free admission. Tel. +358 44 444 2366. Taipale canal, Kanavakatu 1, Varkaus Liisa Heikkinen, tel. +358 50 570 5814 Maria Kuoppala, tel. +358 400 653 662 NeoNoo Open-Air Theater / Ilmatar Instituutti Savo Railway Museum Taipale Canal Museum & Music Café Kukkakeidas


Haapakoski Ironworks

Robinsonin Tatuointimuseo Tattoo Museum

The world’s biggest tattoo museum, in Leppävirta and Varkaus. Located at the heart of Leppävirta, the museum invites visitors to have a look at the history of tattoos, the museum’s vast collection, and the stories behind each item. In Varkaus, tattoo-culture-relat ed materials and instruments from various eras and corners of the world are on display. The collection’s owner, Mr. William Robinson, takes visitors on a fasci nating journey with his tales when he’s around. A historical countryside journey from the 1930s to present day. Open in July on Sundays, 14:00–18:00. At other times, open with a reservation. Virastotie 1, Virtasalmi, tel. +358 400 915 302 Museums of Varkaus & MuseoPuoti The museum and art museum of Varkaus are located in the same building from 1914, a former hotel and dwelling for factory management. The museums display changing historical and art exhibitions. Free admission. Wredenkatu 5A, Varkaus. Tel. +358 40 769 1010 Exhibitions and events: Virtasalmi Local Museum Opening hours: Jun 1 – Aug 31: Mon–Sat 11:00–15:00. Virastotie 1, Virtasalmi, tel. +358 44 788 3557 • Kalliontie 2, Leppävirta • Savontie 117, Varkaus FB/Robinsonin tatuointimuseo Valkeamäki Rural Museum


The Old Church of Pieksämäki & Bell Tower

The Old Church of Pieksämäki was designed by August Sorsa and completed in 1753. It’s one of the oldest existing wooden churches in Eastern Finland. The adjacent bell tower, also designed by Sorsa, was completed in 1746. Mikael Toppelius’ paintings in the church. Kirkkotie 31, Pieksämäki, tel. +358 50 381 9642 The Pieksämäki Parish also oversees the New Church at Keskuskatu 27, as well as the churches of Jäppilä, Virtasalmi, and Vaalijala. For Orthodox Christians, there’s also the Pieksämäki Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. Vanha Mikkelintie 18, tel. +358 40 702 9744 Varkaus Main Church (Evangelical Lutheran) This church was designed by Martti Paalanen and built in 1939. Lennart Segerstråle’s altar fresco Tulkoon sinun valtakuntasi (Thy Kingdom Come) is one of the largest in the Nordics. Savontie 1, tel. +358 40 749 0306 The Main Church is open as a roadside church June– August. Church and fresco tours are available with a reservation. Reservations: tel. +358 40 702 7748. Roadside church opening hours and info: Ristikivi Church An open-air church with a unique ambiance at Par taharju. The log-walled forest church doesn’t have a roof, and an ancient cross stone acts as its altar. The church was designed by architect Jussi Lappi-Seppälä. Partaharjukeskus, Partaharjuntie 361, tel. +358 44 725 4124. Harjuranta Nature Church Located on the 174-meter-high Joenmäenvuori hill, this nature church in Harjuranta is open to the public. Close by, you’ll also find the Peis nature trail and Peis Immonen caves. Harjurannan Kyläyhdistys Built in 1973, this church designed by architect Kai Mikael replaced the old church after a fire. The altar piece Elämän puut (Trees of Life) shows the handi work of sculptor Eeva Ryynänen. Asematie 1, Kangaslampi, tel. +358 40 737 0684 The Orthodox Church of Varkaus, Saimaa Orthodox Parish Designed by architect Kalevi Väyrynen. Dedicated to Kangaslampi Church


St. Georgios Church

Churches The Church of St. George the Victorious A gem of northern Orthodox architecture, this church has been a popular destination for tourists and pil grims for some years. In summer, the church is open Thursday–Sunday every week, at other times only during divine service and with a reservation. Guided garden tours are available in July–August. In summer, you can enjoy the church café’s delicacies and a cup of coffee or glass of sparkling wine while admiring the view of the church and surrounding nature. The café also sells organic honey from the church’s flower garden. Kaitaistentie 345, tel. +358 44 725 7548. The Church of Joroinen & Bell Tower This wooden, cross-shaped church was built in the 1700s, and its altarpiece was made by Pekka Halonen, a renowned Savonian artist. In summer, the church Located at the town center of Leppävirta, this stone church designed by C.L. Engel was put into service in 1846. The neoclassical-style church seats 2,200 people, and its two-part altarpiece was painted by Samuel Elmgren. The Leppävirta church is known for its am ple light and great acoustics. In summer, the church serves as a roadside church. Kirkkokaari 1, tel. +358 40 187 2226 serves as a roadside church. Leppävirta Church

the memory of the Feast of the Ascension. Relanderinkatu 5, tel. +358 40 502 1838




Kalakukko Street Train

Other attractions Alvar Aalto in Varkaus Alvar Aalto spent about a decade designing factories in Varkaus from the mid-1930s onwards. He drew industrial buildings, city plans, and ordinary people’s homes. Intended as a villa for A. Ahlström’s admin istrators, Kinkamo was opened to the public in 2019, and it’s used as a venue for various events. You can examine Alvar Aalto’s designs with the help of a map brochure and smart mobile tour., Häkkilä Farm & Windmill The oldest buildings at the farm date back to the 1800s. Located in Venetmäki, the farm compound is open as agreed. The farm has been used as a set ting for the popular Farmi Suomi television show. Heinälammentie 50, Venetmäki, tel. +358 40 749 5550 Hyväntuulen tila Farm At the charming horse ranch, you can visit a pet ting zoo, care for the animals, join a tea party at the stables, relax in a hammock, or try an exciting forest escape game. Horse riding and nature yoga. Salmelantie 44, Joroinen, tel. +358 45 7877 4190

Iran Farmi / Ira’s Farm A petting zoo that offers guided tours. Specialties in clude reindeer and various birds. Open Jun 1 – Aug 31 on Wednesdays and Sundays. Guided tours at 13:00 and 15:00. Please sign up in advance! Kumpusentie 812, Haapakoski. Group visits as agreed, tel. +358 400 671 260 Kalakukko Street Train The trackless Kalakukko Street Train is a beautiful ly painted delight in summertime Varkaus. Hop on to experience the city. Kalakukko departs from Art Center Väinölä and can be booked for private tours, tel. +358 400 487 401 Keskuskonttori (Central Office) The old central office for Varkaus’ factories in the 1840s. Italian pizzeria, bar, restaurant, lunch, exhi bitions, events, and spaces to rent. Taipaleentie 15, Varkaus, tel. +358 46 555 1468 FB/Keskuskonttori Koivun Lumo Farm and nature experiences for the whole fami ly. Book a visit and come see our furry and feath ered friends! Open all year round. Karjalankatu 71, Varkaus, tel. +358 40 846 0450 Konnus Canal Area A canal area comprising three canals from different eras and five rapids. This historical site is popular among fishers and campers, and it’s equipped with duckboards and docks for fishers. You’ll also find a lean-to and an excellent restaurant here.



Pieksämäki Doll House – Joonas Aurinko’s Villa

Cultural Centre Poleeni This architectural-award-winning cultural center has a 342-seat theater/concert/cinema venue that can be also used for conferences. Additionally: exhibition rooms, library, café-restaurant, cellar theater, and meeting room. Catering available with a reservation: Kahvila-Ravintola Millaano, tel. +358 44 048 1062 Savontie 13, Pieksämäki. Tel. +358 44 799 5240 or +358 44 388 3413 Pieksämäen Iso-Pappila Vicarage Art exhibitions, theater, concerts, and café during the summer. A beautiful garden, Sylvin puisto, surrounds the gorgeous Gustavian style vicarage, build in 1804. President Urho Kekkonen’s wife Sylvi Kekkonen, the daughter of vicar Uino, was born at the vicarage. Her memorial stands in the Sylvin puisto garden. Pieksämäen Iso-Pappila, Sylvinkuja 5, Pieksämäki. Tel. +358 50 336 2013 Leppävirta Bridge This 210-meter-long bridge connects the Soisalo island and the town of Leppävirta. It was Finland’s highest arch bridge when completed in 1965. At the Saimaa deep water route, the bridge has an impressive clearance of 26 meters.




Mantun linna (Manttu Castle) Designed by Oiva Kallio, this civil guard housing was built at Kangaslampi in 1922–1926. The castle, an Italian-style design with white plaster, has served as a district court, municipal hall, post office, art studio, event and festivity venue, restaurant, and a place of housing and lodging. In wartimes, the tower was used for air surveillance. The castle has been privately owned since 2020. Inquiries: Tel. +358 400 470 377 Pieksämäki Doll House – Joonas Aurinko’s Villa A cafe and theatre hall downstairs, a story attic with role-play costumes and playrooms (pirate princess Persilja’s bedroom, Joonas Aurinko’s cabin, ship cat Korianteri’s own attic closet and Aunt Eulalia’s room) upstairs. In the yard area, there is a traffic park as well as lots of different games, play areas and a camp fire site. Guided activity sessions and performances are organised at the villa during the summer. Open June 6 – Aug 12, Tue–Sat Hiekanpääntie 21, tel. +358 44 799 5547 Art Center Väinölä The home of the art center is an idyllic wooden house from 1913 with an eventful history. Summertime naïve art exhibition: ILOA – Naivistit Varkaudessa. Various exhibitions throughout the year. In the sum mer: puppet theater and events. Framing services, art supplies, and a large collection of art. Open Mon–Fri 10:00–17:00, also Sat. 10:00–15:00 in the summer. At other times open as agreed. Ahlströminkatu 8-10, Vanha Varkaus, tel. +358 400 487 401 Taideniitty A communal house for creative industries situated in the beautiful block of wooden houses in Old Varkaus. An inspiring community for artists and a delightful new destination for visitors. Art exhibitions and cultu ral events all year round. Summer and event café. A boutique of distinctive arts-and-crafts products. For children, we have the Old Varkaus hobby horse stable and course. Kissakoskenkatu 6, Vanha Varkaus Tel. +358 44 579 6850 Torni Terrace Café An observation deck at the top of a water tower de signed by architect Kalevi Väyrynen. The most visible landmark in Varkaus is a 45-meter-tall apartment building. The terrace café offers a gorgeous view of the surroundings. Open during the summer, at other times as agreed. Nakskovinkatu 8 Tel. +358 40 658 9805 or +358 40 504 0204 FB / Terassikahvila Torni

Old Varkaus

Tuomaan Highland Farm Meet charming highland cattle, and get your organic beef from the farm’s shop. Family-friendly events all summer long. Farm visits available with a reservation. Järveläntie 95, Joroinen, tel. +358 44 538 7000 Old Varkaus The old buildings, once built for industrial needs, shed light on industrial history and the community around it. The Old Varkaus is a nationally significant built cultural environment in Päiviönsaari and Kommila. Some of the buildings have been designed by well- known architects, such as Valter and Ivar Thomé and Karl Lindahl. You can book a group tour of the area at the Museums of Varkaus on weekdays or explore the Wandering in Old Varkaus tour on your own. You can take the experience tour in the traditional way with just a paper map, which are available in museums and tourism companies. However, by using the free Salmi AR application with headphones either on a smart phone or tablet, you get the best experience. The tour is available in Finnish and English. Learn more: Virtasalmi Heritage Park The heritage park is located on an old church hill, and it introduces you to miniatures of buildings and yards with local historical significance. Open all year round. Free admission.





VESILEPPIS – The Most Active Destination in Savo


Vesileppis is where summer and winter activities meet. You’ll find a refreshing spa, hotel, ice arena, gym, bowling alley, sporting goods store, and wellness services at the same address. A special highlight is the world’s largest underground ski arena, a wonderful setting for cross-country skiing enthusiasts. Captivated by the Moomins In April 2023, the Ski Arena is again taken over by the Moomin Ice Cave and its stories. Classic tales get a magical breath of new life from Moomin ice sculp tures standing 1.5–6 meters tall, a path full of adven tures, spectacular lighting, atmospheric soundscapes, and story-driven narration. This world of ice sculp tures provides visitors of all ages with fun activities, such as icy slides and other winter favorites. ADVENTURE AND MULTI-ACTIVITY PARKS Hiekanpää Sports Area A public sports area for a variety of self-guided exercise on the shores of Lake Pieksänjärvi. In door pools, ice arena, sports facilities, astrotur fed field, and outdoor padel courts. In summer: beach, beach volley courts, pump track, and a range of park activities. In winter: a park skating track and starting point for cross-country skiing trails. The area also has a stage and a traffic park close by, at Nukkekoti. Adventure Park Leppis This activity park right by Vesileppis offers safe and memorable adventures for the whole family. The adventure park consists of 11 courses in to tal. The easiest ones suit even little children, and the most challenging ones provide a fun workout. There’s also a bungee trampoline park. Viihdelaituri Water Park A water park with a large floating obstacle cour se, water sports equipment rentals, and group services, among other things. Uittolantie 10, Leppävirta

Varied Activities by the Lake Vesileppis and the Arena are home to a number of recreational activities. You’ll find miniature and disc golf, courts for padel, tennis, basketball, and Finnish baseball as well as first-class fields for track-and-field events and football. There are also numerous trails for hiking and jogging around the sports center and its spectacular lake views. Vokkolantie 1, 79100, Leppävirta, tel. +358 29 170 0170,


Hui-Maa Family Park Right by the Joroistentie road in the Joroinen town center, there’s a multipurpose park with various activities and equipment for visitors of all ages. In the middle of the park, you’ll find Finland’s highest climbing frame. Opintie 3, Joroinen. Hertunrannan Rantapuisto Park This park area in Varkaus serves many purposes, and it has been renovated and equipped with an outdoor gym. Here, the whole family can engage in many kinds of exercise, play, and enjoy a lake view. BOWLING Varkauden keilahalli Eight bowling lanes, ProShop, equipment mainte nance, billiards, and a cafeteria. Tel. +358 17 552 2585

Vesileppis Areena / Vesileppis Bowling Vokkolantie 1 C, Leppävirta Tel. +358 40 098 0026



Kartanogolf Joroinen



Kartanogolf in Joroinen This course has been praised for its variety and excellent condition from early spring until late au tumn. Restaurant Kesäkartano welcomes golfers and other guests to its sunny deck, which is open throughout the golf season. Golftie 14 B, Joroinen, tel. +358 10 4222 380 The 9-hole parkland course is beautifully built in the middle of nature, in an area of about 15 hectares. Suonenjoentie 522, Pieksämäki Tel. +358 400 653 586 Leppävirran Golf Anola Golf Club

Near Kartanogolf, in the Kotkatharju outdoor recre ation area, you’ll find the 36-hole Kotkatharju disc golf course, which is Finland’s longest. The course classification is AAA3, rated suitable for international competitions. Average hole length exceeds 140 m. Kaitainen has a 9-hole forest terrain disc golf course at Kaitaistentie 422. Also, there are 6-hole park courses in Kuvansi and in the town center. Leppävirta There’s a 13-hole disc golf course behind the ice arena and the Arena, by a sports field, 100 meters from the hotel. Vokkolantie 1 C Additionally: • 18-hole AA1 course at Paajalanmäki • 6-hole D3 course at Kotalahden kylätalo Laitilanniementie 10 • Sorsakoski DiscGolfPark,10 challenging holes in forest terrain. Koskentie 859

A 9-hole highland-type course. Konnuksentie 400, Leppävirta Tel. +358 41 317 6627




Hiekanpää beach

Pieksämäki At Naarajärvi, a rather easy 6-hole park Pieksämäki DiscGolfPark course for beginners. Sähköpari Partaharju Disc Golf, 20 holes in the beau tiful Partaharju ridge area. Partaharjuntie 361, Partaharju. The Uhomäki Outdoor Area has a 10-hole forest disc golf course inside the cross-country (skiing) trails. None of the disc golf holes cross the trails. Some holes sit by the old ski slopes. Hill terrain, lots of ascents and descents. The course is TeeSign-marked. Pohosjoentie 44 There are also courses in Jäppilä and Virtasalmi. Learn more about disc golf in the Pieksämäki area:

Varkaus Vattuvuori DiscGolfPark is an 18-hole forest terrain course that visits some ski slope areas, giving you a go at a 229-meter-long downhill flight. Opiskelijankatu 7. There’s also a marked 12-hole course downtown, start ing from the Lemmensillanpuisto park in Joutenlahti. Both courses are free to play.

BEACH VOLLEY Leppävirta Vesileppis, Vokkolantie 1

Equipment rentals and court reservations: Vesileppis reception, tel. +358 29 170 0170 Pieksämäki Hiekanpää beach, Opintie 4 Varkaus • Hertunranta outdoor recreation area, Huruslahdenranta • Harjuranta, Harjurannantie 588



Hyväntuulen Tila Farm

HORSE RIDING Hyväntuulen Tila Farm Trail riding, Salmelantie 44, Kerisalo/Joroinen Tel. +358 45 7877 4190 Kehvonpellon tila Ranch Horse riding activities tailored to customers’ wishes. Kehvonpellontie 73, Tuppurinmäki Tel. +358 44 328 2522 Leko-Talli Guided horse riding and caring lessons for children. Kopolanniementie 79, Varkaus Tel. +358 40 576 2370 FB/Leko-Talli Palokin Talli Full boarding, riding lessons, riding horse rentals, and coaching assistance. Hietamäentie 130, Naarajärvi Tel. +358 40 188 7983 FB/palokin.talli

Sillankorvan Hevostila E.g., riding lessons, assisted horse activities, animal and nature services for people with intellectual disabilities, hand-led rides, horse clubs and birthday parties for various age groups, and handicraft courses. Lehminiementie 66, Leppävirta

Tel. +358 50 345 1713 FB/hevospalvelutjb Teittilän Talli

Freefinns Oy

A riding school certified by the Equestrian Federation of Finland. Riding for people with disabilities, equine-assisted therapy and lessons, and trail riding. Vilhulantie 360, Naarajärvi

Vantunmäki Riding School A small and charming riding school. Individual rider guidance and competitive coaching in small groups. Vantunmäentie 90, Varkaus, tel. +358 50 0376 208 FB/Vantunmäen Ratsutila Varkaus Riding Center A riding school approved by the Equestrian Federation of Finland. Riding lessons, courses, camps, and coaching for competitors. Jäppiläntie 743, Varkaus, tel. +358 40 546 4689

Tel. +358 40 733 3205 Tmi Hevostoiminta Balanssi

A member stable of the Equestri an Federation of Finland. Guided riding and social educational horse activities for children and adults. Mähönseläntie 82, Pieksämäki Tel. +358 40 708 7666




Freefinns Oy

SUP-PADDLING Leppävirta Action Leppävirta Tel. +358 45 6083 554 Vesileppis Bowling Tel. +358 40 0980 026 Viihdelaituri Water Park Tel. +358 50 557 4990 Virranviemät ry Tel. +358 44 989 7232 Pieksämäki XStreams rentals Varkaus Freefinns, tel. +358 10 517 7760, Personal Trainer Consulting Health and Beauty Taija Kangas-Aro, Samin Liikunta- ja elämyspalvelut Varkaus Guest Harbor Café, tel. +358 40 255 4458 DANCE HALLS Niskaharjun lava Koskentie 861, Leppävirta

Pieksämäki Veturitori Kari Tapio Paalupaikka Areena Tallikankaankatu 3 Salmen Lava Maavedentie 118, Pieksämäki Entertainment Center Tulenliekki

Pieksämäki Swimming Hall 25-meter fitness swimming pool, 10 m children’s pool, 15 m warm pool, jet massage pool, cold plunge, gym, 2 gymnasiums, meeting room / private sauna and service desk. Opintie 3, tel. +358 44 799 5406 Varkaus There are 11 beaches in Varkaus. In the town center, you’ll find Hertunranta and its outdoor recreation areas, at Huruslahti Bay. Uimahalli Ilopisara 25-meter pool, whirlpool, cold plunge, saunas, gym, gymnasium, and cafeteria. Ahlströminkatu 11, Varkaus, tel. +358 44 444 2270 Joroinen There are 7 public beaches around the village of Joroinen. Beaches maintained by the municipality: Kolppa (Tuohilahdentie 132), Venesatama/marina (Lento kentäntie 107) and Paavalinkivi (Paavalintie 12, Kuvansi).

Jylhäntie 30, Leppävirta SWIMMING Leppävirta

Public beach and diving platform in the town center, at Kalliontie 10. Other beaches: Sorsakoski, Kuukonniemi, Oravikoski, and Timola beaches; Parkkilahti swimming dock. The Vesileppis spa has a 32- meter-long water slide, children’s pool, and a fun climbing/obstacle course. 25-meter pool with 6 lanes, cold plunge as well as a jet massage

pool and whirlpool. Pieksämäki

You can swim right in the city center, at the Hiekanpää beac. liikuntapaikat/uimarannat/



Freefinns Oy


SKATING Pieksämäki Park Skating Track A 700-meter-long course in the Hiekanpää sport area. Entrance by the ice arena. Open 9:00–24:00. Pieksämäen Jäähalli (Skating Hall) LähiTapiola Savo Arena Tel. +358 44 588 2760 Varkaus Kämäri Ice Sport Center 2 ice arenas and an artificial ice rink, open to the public at certain times. Rehnströminkatu 10 tel. +358 40 702 3900

Ice Track at Linnansaari National Park Amidst fantastic lakeside sceneries you’ll find a serviced tour skating track of up to 20 km (depending on the conditions), from Oravi to Linnansaari, then Porosalmi and Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän. To learn more about the ice condi tions, check the Oravi journal.

The region is full of opportuni ties to go cross-country skiing, including lit trails. Extend your ski season at Pieksämäki’s and Joroinen’s “first snow trails” and at Leppävirta’s Ski Arena. Trail maps and status updates are available on the municipalities’ websites. ALPINE SKIING Vatuski, Varkaus A ski center on Vattuvuori, right by the city. 5 slopes, toboggan/ sled hill, snow park, off-piste forest route, adventure trail, café, grilling gazebo, and cross-country ski

center. Pujottelutie 53, tel. +358 400 657 900 FB/Vatuski



Experiences and Activities


Action Leppävirta Paintball, standup paddleboarding, and equipment rentals in Leppävirta. Tel. +358 45 608 3554 EasyFit Pieksämäki A center for varied exercise and wellness in the Hiekanpää area. Guided and self-guided exercise, climbing wall. Karjalankatu 37 Tel. +358 41 310 4467 pieksamaki Freefinns Oy Outdoor activity days, children’s camps, campfire food, and a petting zoo fun in Kuvansi. Guided canoeing, horse riding, and a variety of game options for groups all year round. Events and wilderness food services at any location in Savonia area, chosen by the customer. Tel. +358 10 517 7760 Kiira Adventures Guide and activity services for nature travelers. Tel. +358 40 727 0900 FB/KiiraAdventures Leppähepo - Hepomäki Sheep Farm Horse sleigh/carriage rides, farm work, cabin caretaking, classic massages. Leppämäentie 1007 a, Puponmäki, tel. +358 50 564 1414 Koivun Lumo Farm Escape Game Can your group figure out what happened to Severi, who is lost? Come try a new kind of escape game at the Koivun Lumo farm. Open all year round. Koivun Lumo Ky, Karjalankatu 71, Varkaus. Tel. +358 40 846 0450 Niemilomat Forest Escape Game Captivating fun in Niemilomat’s beautiful nature setting. The sto ry by Enigma Xperience guaran tees excitement and moments

Samin liikunta- ja elämyspalvelut

of triumph. Your goal is to learn what happened at Niemilomat 100 years ago. Niemeläntie 166, Varkaus, Tel. +358 40 715 9568 Hyväntuulen tila Forest Escape Game Fun group activities in an idyllic rural setting. Salmelantie 44, Kerisalo/Joroinen Various motorsports. On-call track service, tel. +358 44 278 0088. Accommodation bookings: Motoparkintie 62, Virtasalmi ATV and Snowmobile Safaris K-Extra Pentti Kaulamo Tel. +358 20 770 5511 Partaharjukeskus Oy The ridge landscapes by Lake Salvonen welcome nature hikers. There’s also an accessible nature trail (1.9 km). Church boat, activities with a booking all year round. A starting point to the VedenjakajaReitistö. Partaharjuntie 361, Partaharju Tel. +358 44 725 4124. Pieksämäki Guides Town tours with qualified guides. Tel. +358 45 7877 4190 Motopark Raceway canoes, and other rentals. Exercise and work wellness

Experiences, activities, and exer cise for people of all ages. Paint ball, canoeing, archery, nature workshops, sumo wrestling, kayak rentals, snowshoeing, and pedal car rides. A sauna and lakeside hut for relaxing evenings, tel. +358 400 274 883 Sagatrail Guided MTB and wilderness tours, mostly around the Veden jakajaReitistö in Pieksämäki. Tel. +358 50 401 7621 SeastarEvents Activities, e.g., for events and recreational days. We also offer guided nature, fishing, and canoeing tours as well as snowshoeing and Metsämie li meditations. Canoe rentals. Camping-style clubs and camps available on ruequest. Program for groups with special needs available. Tel. +358 500 472 431, +358 40 548 8431 Adventure Park Leppis Try Archery Tag and bubble football with a reservation. Vokkolantie 1, tel. +358 44 297 8146 Varkaus Guides City tours and themed guidance with a reservation. Pirjo Soininen, tel. +358 400 542 586 Varkaus Speedway Stadion The only speedway track in Finland with a classification from International Motorcycling Federation (FIM). Tykkitie 157, Varkaus Viihdelaituri Water Park The water park’s services can be tailored for groups. Uittolantie 10, Leppävirta.

Tel. +358 40 749 5550 Pöllölän Yrttitytöt (Herb Girls)

Pöllölä combines forest visits, wild herbs, lodging services, and self-made natural products. Wild herbs, mushroom picking, and peat saunas inspire Pöllölän Yrttitytöt the most at the moment. Tel. +358 40 825 9944 FB/pöllölänyrttitytöt


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